SteelFusion is the first Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for Branch IT

SteelFusion is the industry’s first hyper-converged infrastructure solution designed uniquely for branch office locations, extending the power and security of the centralized data center, out to branch offices. SteelFusion enables IT organizations to instantly push out new services to the front lines of the business, and provides the peace of mind that all company data remains protected in the central data center.

Decoupling compute from its underlying storage allows your applications to run in a stateless mode, which reduces your branch footprint and centralizes management of your branch services.

It consists of two components:

SteelFusion Edge: A hyper-converged infrastructure appliance that integrates server, storage, network, and virtualization to run local branch apps, eliminating your need for additional branch infrastructure

SteelFusion Core: A storage delivery controller in the datacenter that interfaces with your storage area network (SAN). This projects centralized data out to branches, eliminates branch backups, and provides instant provisioning and recovery of branch services.

SteelFusion serves as the infrastructure for your branch, significantly lowering capital and operational costs, mitigating the risk of branch disasters, and improving IT responsiveness to the business.

SteelFusion integrates three unique features that deliver new efficiency for your branch offices:

BlockStream: Integrated storage delivery

BlockStream is our patented technology that centralizes data in the datacenter and projects a working set out to your branch, leveraging a combination of three features:
1) An authoritative block cache built into the SteelFusion™ Edge converged appliance;
2) A pre-fetch algorithm that predicts and delivers required data from the datacenter SAN to branch locations; and
3) Data deduplication technology that reduces the amount of data transferred between Edge and Core

Steelhead: Built-in WAN optimization

SteelFusion contains an integrated instance of the industry’s #1 WAN optimization solution. WAN optimization helps further streamline your branch infrastructure by consolidating services back to your datacenter, and accelerating all your user traffic in the branch across the optimal networks at the lowest cost. Services that cannot be centralized are run as virtual machines (VMs) on the converged appliance.

Virtual Services Platform (VSP): Branch-optimized virtualization
The SteelFusion Edge hyper-converged appliance contains a fully integrated instance of the VMware vSphere hypervisor, optimized to run remotely on a hardened branch appliance. You can manage this industry-standard virtualization platform with existing tools and capabilities. SteelFusion seamlessly appears as a standard host in existing VMware vSphere and vCenter management tools.